April 04, 2021

Why a Mixed-Use Condo Is the Ultimate Urban Home

It has been common to see tall condominium buildings in Metro Manila used only for residential purposes. But, with the changing homebuying behaviors and the strong demand for an ultra-convenient home, condo developments have learned to adapt. Apart from residential condo buildings, mixed-use condos are gaining popularity in key cities of Metro Manila.

Mixed-use condos are partly residential and partly commercial. It caters to both buyers looking for an accessible urban home and a commercial space where it’s possible to build a solid customer base. Whether you’re a home buyer or an investor (or both), living in a mixed-use condo will bring you the following benefits:


A Space for Every Lifestyle Activity

Many consider mixed-use condo developments like Victoria Arts & Theater Tower as an ultimate urban home because they can practically do everything inside these buildings. Here, expect to see a balanced mix of amenities that support different areas of life.

Usually, you’ll find a sky lounge and a swimming pool for indoor recreation, a multi-purpose hall for business or social gatherings, and a hotel where you can take a day off from your busy life. Some themed, mixed-use developments offer extra amenities that fit their building’s concept and target market’s interests. For instance, Victoria Arts & Theater Tower appeal to creatives and art enthusiasts, with a building design inspired by classic-modern European arts. There are also music lounges, theaters, an art studio, and an exhibit area inside this development, inspiring creativity and promoting art appreciation among residents.


Mobility at Its Peak 

Mixed-use condos promise 100% mobility because everything you need is already within the building. If you’re looking for more lifestyle destinations, condominiums like Victoria Arts & Theater Tower are in proximity to numerous restaurants, malls, and retail areas. Located in Quezon City, this development is also accessible from offices in major business hubs like Eastwood City, Ortigas Center, and Bonifacio Global City.


Flexibility in Condo Unit Size 

Modern mixed-use condo projects like Victoria Arts & Theater Tower are also known for their flexibility in condo unit sizes. Besides the typical one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, these developments allow buyers to merge up to three units to create a larger living space. This is ideal for young executives who want the luxury of space or upwardly mobile families who wish to reside in the city center.


Business Opportunities Abound

Finally, because commercial spaces are available within mixed-use condo developments, it’s an ideal location for any business that you might want to start. Imagine living and working in one building — it captures the idea of a truly convenient urban residential experience. At the same time, when you run a business within a mixed-use condo, you don’t have to worry about getting customers. As long as you offer essential goods or services, you’ll be looking at a substantial monthly income and great returns. For instance, having a coffee shop, convenience store, or a laundry business within a mixed-use condo can reward you with customers 24/7.

Like many other condo projects, mixed-use condos offer you the chance to live an urban life conveniently and comfortably. Of course, you can reap the added benefit of having a profitable business if you choose to invest in a commercial space, too.

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