April 04, 2021

Decorating Tips to Achieve a Condo Unit with a Timeless Aesthetic

A condo unit with timeless beauty stands the test of time. No matter the current design trends, it remains a feast to the eyes — a living space that evokes charm and sophistication.

Many people strive for a timeless design because, unlike trends, they don’t come and go. A timeless interior remains beautiful over many years, and it has money-saving benefits, too! There will be no need to repaint or remodel your entire home and replace furniture pieces every few years. With the following decorating tips, you’ll have a unit that speaks highly of grandeur at all times.


Keep Your Unit Clutter-Free

Too much clutter can give your space a chaotic look. Ideally, you want your space to be clean and organized, so it becomes more inviting. Good design should be balanced: there’s a visual interest and also a negative or “soft” space where your eyes can take a break. 


Choose Neutral Colors and Furniture with Clean Lines

Most timeless interiors make use of neutral or classic colors like whites, beiges, and greys. White is a top choice if decorating in a minimalist style or if you want your home to look bigger. Most condo units use off-white wall paint to create the illusion of a bigger space. If you live in a condo similar to Victoria Arts & Theater Tower, the overall unit size won’t be an issue. Condo projects such as this one allow residents to combine residential units to create a larger living space.

Meanwhile, furnishings with clean lines and simple designs can add to your home’s clutter-free aesthetic look. Their simplistic elegance will instantly improve the appeal of your home. Clean lines are often associated with contemporary design, so adding them to your interior is a great way to inject modern elements.


Make Use of Natural Materials

Nature also has a timeless beauty, so it’s no surprise that most interior design styles use natural materials. Wooden pieces, baskets, and plants are some of the accessible materials you can bring inside your home. If you want a more sophisticated look, using stone art displays or marble furniture pieces is an excellent idea.


Mix Classic and Modern Design Elements 

Mixing vintage pieces with modern-day colors and textures is one way to blend old with the new. You can also combine classic and modern design styles, like Victorian and minimalism. After all, a timeless design isn’t tied to any trend of the current time or the past decades. Your home becomes “ageless” because people will find it hard to identify it with a particular era or style. 

Take design cues from Victoria Arts & Theater Tower, a condo project in Quezon City notable for its fusion of classic and modern facade. It showcases alluring sculptures and a grand lobby that exudes European charm, accented by geometric shapes and clean lines. Indeed, Victoria Arts & Theater Tower is an inspiration to merge finishes, furniture, and elements to create a home with an unfailing beauty.

With these decorating tips, your future home will have a look that endures the test of time. Best of all, it can evolve into a more beautiful home when you throw in some modern accents and accessories.

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