March 03, 2021

Tips on Making Your Condo Stand Out in Property Listings

If you have invested in a condominium unit and want to convert it into a rental property, you can do a lot of things to attract clients, one of which is uploading it on property listings. 


If there are thousands of property listings and your condo is in a prime location, it can be quite challenging, especially for beginners. This is the reason why most owners have difficulty differentiating their property from other property listings. If you are having the same trouble, there are different techniques you can use to make your condo stand out in property listings. 


3 Techniques to Make Your Condo Stand Out

Making your property listing stand out can be tricky, especially if you do not have a specific target market. If you want to attract as many renters as possible through your listing, here are some techniques you can use: 


  1. Choose an aesthetically pleasing photo for the thumbnail - Nowadays, renters, especially millennials, not only place high value on comfort but also aesthetics. For renters looking for a staycation accommodation, aesthetics is just as important as comfort and convenience. The prevalence of social media has influenced how clients choose an accommodation, paving the way for "Instagram-worthy" spaces to be considered an essential part of a modern lifestyle. If a condo passes all the aesthetic standards of renters, it is dubbed as Instagram-worthy and makes it the perfect location for photoshoots or vlogs. An example of an aesthetically pleasing condo is Victoria Arts & Theater Tower. Victoria Arts & Theater Tower has a modern art-deco architectural theme with a grand lobby identical to a theater, making it the ultimate Instagram-worthy condo. 
  2. Highlight the condo's key feature in your caption - When formulating a caption, you may choose a witty caption with an informal tone or a standard caption, depending on your target market. Witty captions are attractive to millennials, while standard captions are preferred mainly by clients belonging to a higher age bracket. If you have a broad target market, you can choose to mix both styles as long as you highlight the condo or your unit's key features, such as unique amenities. Victoria Arts & Theater Tower has unique amenities such as its art studio and theater, attracting arts enthusiasts who wish to experience a unique combination of modern and classical lifestyles.
  3. Mention the rates in the listing - Renters prefer knowing right away the fees they will pay in case they choose to rent your property. Property listings without prices are deemed unattractive by most property seekers who dislike hidden charges. To prevent this from happening, always practice transparency when it comes to your rental rates. Highlighting promo packages also helps in attracting more clients. 


Making your condo stand out among thousands of listings may look impossible, but it is actually easy as long as you know the elements you need to include in your property listing. Knowing what your target market prefers will also help you include more details that rival listings do not have.


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