March 03, 2021

Personality: The New Factor to Consider When Buying a Condo Unit

Your home indeed has its own personality, and unsurprisingly, a huge part of it came from you. The longer you spend time in your home, the more it reflects who you are. Take a look at your interior - the colors, accessories, and how you tidy up things indirectly express yourself. It can be creatively messy, charming and cheerful, or downright simple. However, when living with a family or other people, the house can be a pool of personality differences that may or may not complement each other.

If you’re planning to start the next chapter of your life by having a home of your own, you’ll want a place that reflects you and your success story. Modern condo complexes, such as Victoria Arts & Theater Tower, are designed with character and elegance, bringing like-minded individuals together in a uniquely-themed community. Developments like this highlight the importance of considering your personality when it comes to buying a condo unit.

Themed Developments Echoing Different Personalities

If you’re up-to-date with the latest trends in condo developments, you have probably seen the increasing number of themed developments on the market. Health buffs are naturally attracted to condos that follow a sports-inspired theme. Meanwhile, nature-lovers will likely choose an eco-inspired community filled with calming sights of greenery and eco-friendly features like solar panels or green walls.

For those passionate about the arts and all things creative, living at Victoria Arts & Theater Tower is worth considering. The condominium has a visually appealing architecture that follows art-deco interior design. Sleek but not minimal, you’ll be greeted with a grand lobby structured with geometrical shapes and bold colors. Classic arts and modern materials converge at Victoria Arts & Theater Tower, creating a sophisticated haven for art lovers and creatives. 

Putting the “Personal” in Home Personality

While a themed development can already have a personality that matches your own, you will still be provided with a bare or semi-finished unit once you move in. Think of the unit as a blank canvass that you can liven up with your personality. Make it your own by adding pieces that simultaneously look good and functional for you. Following a minimalist interior design is ideal if you’re a “less is more” kind of a person. Outgoing personalities may feel connected to bright colors, while simple and organized unit owners may prefer a Japanese-inspired interior design. 

Beyond the Condo’s Visual Character 

When buying a unit in a themed condominium, it’s easy to get lost in its visual character that reflects your personality. To make your purchase worthwhile, there are other things to consider beyond the condo’s architecture. Think of its strategic location for accessibility and diverse amenities for various lifestyle activities. In metro areas, plenty of condominiums offer these impressive features and amenities.

For instance, Victoria Arts & Theater Tower doesn’t only appeal to artistic people because of its stunning interior. It also has an art studio, theater, and music lounges to fuel its residents' creativity. Located in the lively Quezon City, the condominium is also conveniently near offices and commercial zones that support other activities and needs of future dwellers. 

Back then, most people only think about price and location when condo-buying. But as developments evolve, there are more factors that you’ll have to consider. At the age of themed condominiums, your personality is crucial.


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